Regions of Indonesia


Indonesia has 34 provinces, eight of which have been created since 1999, namely: North Maluku, West Papua, Banten, Bangka–Belitung Islands, Gorontalo, Riau Islands Province, West Sulawesi and (in late 2012) North Kalimantan.

Five provinces have special status:

  • Aceh, for the use of the sharia law as the regional law of the province.
  • Special Region of Yogyakarta, a sovereign monarchy within Indonesia with the sultan Hamengkubuwono as hereditary Governor and Paduka Sri Pakualam as hereditary vice-governor. SR Yogyakarta refused to call themselves as the province according to Law No. 03/1950 and No. 12/2012 about The Speciality of Special Region of Yogyakarta.
  • Papua, for implementation of sustainable development.
  • West Papua, for granting implementation of sustainable development.
  • Special Capital Region of Jakarta.

The provinces are officially grouped into seven geographical units.

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